Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are the test preparations?
A: Wear a 2 piece comfortable outfit with short sleeves. (Ladies no pantyhose or 1 piece dresses)
No caffeine or heavy meals 4 hours prior.
8 hour fast required ONLY if you are doing the cholesterol blood test.
Men, no sexual activity 48 hours prior to the PSA blood test.
Please continue to take any medication that you need to take.

Q: Can't I just get theses tests done by my doctor?    Will insurance or Medicare cover these exams?
A: Typically, No. If you are not having any symptoms, doctors won't order, nor will insurance companies pay for you to have this done. However, if we find a problem, we will provide you with the evidence they need to order the expensive diagnostic versions of our scans. Then, insurance and  Medicare will cover the cost of treatment or corrective surgery, BEFORE a catastrophic event occurs.

Q: How long does the screening process take?
A: Usually 45 minutes to an hour for all exams. Couples can be seen at the same time.

Q: Is there any pain?
A: Absolutely not! Ultrasound is one of the safest most painless modes of medical testing.

Q: Is Texas Mobile Imaging affiliated with any hospital?
A: No, we are a private company with highly skilled and well qualified technicians and we do have a Board Certified Radiologist on staff that interprets all of our images. 

Q: What qualifications do your techs have?
A: Our skilled and qualified ultrasound techs are graduates from accredited ultrasound schools and have extensive experience in the field.  

Q: How do these scans compare to diagnostics scans in a hospital?
A: It is basically the same test, except that we do not provide a diagnosis like a hospital would. We only provide a screening service that is to be used as a tool for further testing if something is found so that a diagnosis can then be made by your physician.

Q: How does the equipment compare to a hospitals?
A: It is the same state of the art equipment hospitals use, the only difference is that it is designed for mobile applications.  

Q: When do I get the results?
A: Usually 3-4 weeks, but could be more or less time depending on the season and current work-load. 

Critical results will be expedited for quicker response.

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